Monday, January 21, 2013

Trail Blazer

A half a day in the life of a pint size hurricane

Oh, thanks for picking these up mom, but I needed them right here.


Above water buckets found a spot in mom and dad's room .#2


You would need a smell blog to do this one justice.

#4 shirt.   ...and found a way to reach the up high stuff.  Just push baby's crib to necessary location.


Were these folded at one time?  Only for about 5 minutes. Thanks for asking.

The "Doctors" assistant got a little carried away with her red ink pen.

"just a little rip"

The pretzels finally getting cleaned up to prolong  bed time.

Guess potty time got a little interesting.

Empty the baby's crib one more time.

Give the big bros some artwork on their bed.
Awww, sleeping angel. For sure.


  1. She looks like her mama!! So sweet. Lord willing, she'll be a huge help to you someday! Keep the posts coming! :)
    Love and God's Peace, Abby