Friday, October 26, 2012


   So I found this recipe thanks to my dear cousin Abby.  I'm trying to get ready for a birthday party tomorrow and when I found this recipe I thought it would be the perfect distraction for the girls to play with while the baby sleeps and I try to get something accomplished before I'm tied to the chair for another feeding session (for him or for me is irrelevent).
     One and a half cups water with a couple drops of food coloring mixed with a box of corn starch.  Even I couldn't bomb that one.  So I whipped up a batch and as I sat there mixing I tried to figure out if it was liquid or solid, which took a good while.  I'd still be sitting there trying to determine if the girls hadn't discovered I was up to something and demanded a turn. (to Abby's credit her recipe did state it was fun for adults too)
     Anyway, I did get a couple of pieces of laundry put in baskets before the baby woke up.
The girls are currently splashing in the tub being that it turned into a oobleck war with the stuff flying in all directions. 
  And the real good part is that even though the mess is still sitting right there while I sit right here and nurse my baby is that I don't even care right now.  You see, I was awaiting a Fed Ex delivery and wondering what the guy was going to think when he saw this stuff splattered everywhere, but I just saw him deliver my package to the neighbors, so he got to see THEIR mess instead!


  1. Hahaha! Oh this is great! I'm so glad that Abby is getting credit for this one!;) Congrats and Gods blessings on your newest blessing! God is so good. Would love to visit with you again.

  2. :) Too bad I can't blame the entire mess on Abby! By the time I took the photo the girls had decided to add water and lots of it! It shouldn't have been quite SO runny.