Monday, January 21, 2013

Trail Blazer

A half a day in the life of a pint size hurricane

Oh, thanks for picking these up mom, but I needed them right here.


Above water buckets found a spot in mom and dad's room .#2


You would need a smell blog to do this one justice.

#4 shirt.   ...and found a way to reach the up high stuff.  Just push baby's crib to necessary location.


Were these folded at one time?  Only for about 5 minutes. Thanks for asking.

The "Doctors" assistant got a little carried away with her red ink pen.

"just a little rip"

The pretzels finally getting cleaned up to prolong  bed time.

Guess potty time got a little interesting.

Empty the baby's crib one more time.

Give the big bros some artwork on their bed.
Awww, sleeping angel. For sure.