Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ol Buppa

      Just over four months ago, my husbands father passed from this life to eternal glory, leaving behind only the memories for us to treasure. 
      He was a quite a guy,  intimidating to some, but not so to those grandchildren of his who saw beneath that tough trucker and Harley dude exterior to the softie hidden underneath.  When we would travel there, or they here for a visit, he would love to tease the boys mercilessly about their animals, and if they have been remembering to milk the chickens or collect the eggs from the dogs.  They would laugh and try to "correct" him, which of course would only cause Buppa to jumble it up some more.  This will probably be one of their favorite memories of him, as it seems to be foremost in their minds.  They were given the opportunity to write messages on his casket and both of them gave him some rather odd directions as to what he should do for the animals in heaven.
     But one of my favorite memories was when my oldest was almost four and he and Buppa were busy having a conversation when he piped up and asked, "How come you don't have any hair?"
   Buppa didn't miss a beat before he replied, "Because Meme' has pulled it all out!"
    We all got a good laugh out of that, and thought the subject was over,  but a day or so later, we were sitting in church a row or two behind Meme' and Buppa when my son  came and whispered in my ear,  "Did Meme' REALLY pull out Buppa's hair?"
    It's hard not to question the Lord and his motives when I think of how little time my children had to get to know him.  But I thank him for the memories.  Every time I pull out the waffle maker they gave us one Christmas, my mind brings back his voice calling through the house, "Who wants a WIFFLE?", and I wonder if the kids think of it too.   ... Or if the Hubby ever lets loose a window rattling snore I just have to chuckle and think  of it as another thing he had the pleasure of inheriting from his "Pops".
     Time marches on, and I know that the memories will grow dimmer as life continues to roll, but the one thing I hope they will cherish and remember are those last days when he would send his "I love you guys" messages across the miles,  and his excitement of where he knew he was going.  He had his eyes upon Jesus.  
  Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is there will your heart be also.

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  1. Hey cuz! Just want to let u know how much I enjoy reading your posts! You sure have a gift! I smile and or laugh every single time I read yours posts.